I'm an enthusiastic, versatile computing finalist with 12 months commercial experience in cutting edge software engineering for Lockheed Martin.


A Brief History of GIS

This post describes the history of GIS with focus on its evolution towards supporting collaborative engineering.

Caffeine Boost on a Hot Day

Iced coffee is nothing new, but inspired by an Australian couples recipe, here is my rendition of the popular drink.

FOSS GIS Stack Demonstration

Last week I completed the first two-week sprint of my final year project. The primary aim for the sprint was setting up a digital representation of terrain with embedded objects. This involved building the selection of FOSS which I had identified in a previous research sub-project. The output of this sprint is an experimentation server containing this software setup and the knowledge of how to build the software and rectify problems which occur. As this is not a tangible deliverable, I produced a demonstration that can be presented to the stakeholders.

An Investigation Into The Reasons Why Some Software Projects Fail

In December 2009, as an element of my university course work, I submitted an essay entitled, “The relationship between requirements & design and the failure of software development projects”. It was graded as first-class and was placed top of the cohort. It provides a valuable overview as to why correct requirements' elicitation at the outset, as well as subsequent analysis, is so critical to a software project's success.

Mobile Data Preservation

This post documents my attempts to preserve my personal data as I migrated my phone from Windows Mobile to Android.


A simple tool to convert supported AVI files into GIF animations. Made for personal use in 2005, it grew in popularity on download.com and is now open source.

Collaborative Geospatial Environment

University final-year project.

Twitter Comments

A simple client-side Javascript library which allows comments for your website which also drive more traffic.


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